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Support Details
supportdetailsFor those of you who do web testing, Support Details is a handy little utility for when you report issues. It automatically pulls down information related to the browser you're using, and it allows you to either download that info (csv, pdf) or email it to someone who can look into the issue. Since I have several computers and each has a couple of browsers (all constantly doing their own automatic updates) this is really nice for when I submit something that I suspect might be browser specific.
Bookmark Current Tab Set
I've been using the Bookmark Current Tab Set Firefox add-on the last few days to help me organize different projects/clients.  For each project, I have:

  • a Google doc for my personal time tracking

  • a web tool for client-facing time tracking

  • a tab for JIRA, Redmine, or some other project/defect management tool

  • a tab for whatever product(s) I'm working on (if applicable)

I've also created one for all my blogs, Google Reader, and my Twitter account. That's handy as well for when I feel the need to do some socializing.

When I need to switch gears, all I need to do is close the current browser, open a new one and click on the bookmark set. Then I'm ready to go!
Are you still using screenshots?
pdf-dwnld-logo PDF Download by Nitro PDF Software is a free add-on for MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

It allows taking complete snapshot of a web-page and saving it in PDF format. That is, all text blocks, hyperlinks, and other page elements can still be accessed (copied, searched for, etc.) , while potentially harmful content (like JavaScript) is removed.

By default, PDF files are allowed for uploading/downloading in web-based defect tracking systems. From now on, you have an opportunity to provide even more valuable content in your bug reports.

How to install PDF Download

  1. Follow the link.

  2. Download and install the add-on.

  3. Restart the browser

How to use  


Once you are on the page you want to capture (that is, you have it opened in your browser), simply press the button on toolbar, and select an option in the menu.

The add-on places request to a download server, which captures pages, creates PDF files, and sends them back for download.