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Hi there! I help build and launch software companies. This is a collection of what I'm working on.

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I'm lucky enough to be a co-founder of the DeveloperTown Family of Companies. Most people know DeveloperTown as a consulting company focused on helping companies design, build, and launch technology products to solve some of their largest problem or to tackle some of their most aggressive opportunities. But we also help launch startups in our co-founder studio called DT Starts. We have a number of other companies (real estate, capital, other services, and saas products); and I cover some of them below. My role is mostly to make sure we're all pointed in the same direction (if you know my partners, that isn't always easy). And occasionally I still get to jump in and help our clients develop market-winning strategies for their products.

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I'm one of the co-founders of the Startup Competitors. We specialize in finding and creating data to help you make decisions around your startup idea or product. Most of the time, we start with research - digging up critical data on your closest competitors so you can better understand the market. We can also help you find prospective customers and ask them questions about your idea or product. In 2018, I launched a podcast for Startup Competitors. I leverage the podcast to chat with early stage entrepreneurs and investors to attempt to uncover tips and tricks for thinking about product strategy, specifically focused on how that strategy relates to competition in your market. You can subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.


I'm the founder of Tenant Tracker. We launched Tenant Tracker in 2014 with the goal of simplifying the way commercial real-estate landlords and tenants collaborate with each other around tenant coordination. Today, the Tenant Tracker team has grown past me, and there's an awesome full-time leadership team growing and scaling the business. Now I'm just an advisor and board member, and they occasionally let me help out with fundraising, sales, and strategic partnerships. Tenant Tracker is easily one of my favorite examples to talk about as an example of launching a truly minimum-viable-product (MVP), leveraging customer capital for early growth, and customer-driven development. The team has always exhibited and lived many of the product and business related principles and values we talk about at DeveloperTown.   

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I'm one of the co-founders of FullStack. FullStack helps early-stage companies scale faster by providing the services needed to support your team (payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance). We support companies as small as one person, and some 100+. We try to focus on technology companies, which allows us to leverage our deep experience in the space - allowing us to help with pooled recruiting for common technology roles, provide insights around competitive benefits, provide advice around best practices for commissions and stock options for key roles, and leveraging various technologies to make it easier to support your team. FullStack is still young, and we hope to be able to do a ton more in the coming years. If you're launching a tech company, let's chat. We would love to grow along side you. 

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Waterly is one of my favorite DeveloperTown joint-ventures. Today Waterly helps small municipalities simplify the process of collecting data on their daily rounds related to basic EPA reporting. In the future, Waterly will be one of the many platforms cities, states, and governments use to better manage one of our most precious resources. We launched Waterly with Baxter and Woodman out of Illinois, and it's lead by a passionate leader with a vision to make a huge impact in the coming water crisis. I'm an investor and board-member in Waterly, and they occasionally let me help with sales and overall business strategy. 


I probably don't volunteer enough of my time, but when I do here are a handful of organizations where my time and energy goes. Obviously, you can see I'm passionate about supporting people who are launching businesses. My partners and I also support a number of different causes and charities through DeveloperTown. 


In addition to the companies detailed above where I’m either a founder or more active in the business, the following companies represent some of the more recent organizations where I've been an active investor, board member, and/or advisor. I did not list any of the DT Starts companies here, you can view that portfolio here

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A number of years ago my family decided to start a hobby farm. We currently raise sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and bees. The focus is not to make money as a farmer. Our goal is to create an awesome environment where we can raise our two boys (Patrick and Thomas) in an unconventional way where they can experience responsibility, meaningful work, entrepreneurship, nature and science, and expereince about every power-tool you can imagine. (That last one sometimes gets me in trouble with my wife.) Patrick and I launched a podcast where we talk about the farm, his experiences growing up, and my experiences being a dad. Subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.


A number of years ago, I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about software testing. If you'd like to review that content, you can do so here: 

  • I'm a contributing author to two books: 
  • Blog: I started my core blog in 2004 on testingreflections.com. Since then I've migrated it to my own site, and for a long time the focus remained software testing with an agile slant. Today, if I write a post, it's normally business or startup related. 
  • Articles: I've authored hundreds of articles for Better Software, Software Test and Performance, AST Update, IBM developerWorks, InformIT, SearchSoftwareQuality.com and others.
  • Presentations: I was a regular speaker at conferences and workshops. For most presentations I provide slides, for some I also provide an accompanying paper.


  • Questions and Answers: For three years I was a SearchSoftwareQuality.com hosted Expert. During that time I answered numerous questions on software testing.
  • Media: Occasionally I was interviewed or provided a webinar or talk where I could get my hands on the media. When I could, I posted that media here for download.
  • Quick Testing Tips: Quick Testing Tips was a fun experiment to see if it's authors could come up with a software testing tip each day. Topics can cover anything related to software testing and will always be relatively short. (Archived the site and moved my posts here in 2016.)
  • Software Quality Insights: Software Quality Insights is a SearchSoftwareQuality.com blog hosted on TechTarget's IT Knowledge Exchange.
  • Testing Podcast: Testing Podcast collects and curates audio podcasts on topics in software testing. I regularly posted content related to the Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing.



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