IWST2005 Wrap Up

Last month we held the final session of the 2005 Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing. Dana Spears and I wanted to thank everyone who participated throughout the year.

The attendees for 2005 were:

  • Rajasimba Admal

  • Andrew Andrada

  • Taher Attari

  • Charlie Audritsh

  • Joe Batt

  • Chad Campbell

  • Laura DeVilbiss

  • Linda Ellison

  • Kartik Gaddam

  • Mike Goempel

  • Jason Halla

  • Denise Hebert

  • David Holscher

  • Jason Horn

  • Michael Kelly

  • Marc Labranche

  • Steve Lannon

  • Brian Marick

  • John McConda

  • Kurt McKain

  • Jeffrey Mexin

  • Patrick Milligan

  • Richard Moffatt

  • Susan Morgan

  • Kenn Petty

  • Vishal Pujary

  • Joshua Rafferty

  • Mike Slattery

  • Dana Spears

  • Allen Stoker

  • Jon Strayer

  • Tate Stuntz

  • Kim Titus

  • Gary Warren

  • Rick Wellinghoff

  • Cheryl Westrick

  • Chris Wingate

Overall we had 37 attendees, over 30 experience reports, and 9 meetings (we missed one due to poor planning on my part and two due to lack of interest on the topics).

The topics were:

We would also like to thank DeVry University Indianapolis and Fusion Alliance for allowing us to use their very nice facilities for free (a rare thing today).

And finally we would like to thank Scott Barber and Cem Kaner for helping us get the workshop off the ground.

We have no meetings planned for 2006, we are focused full time on the 2006 annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing which will be coming to Indianapolis June 5-7, 2006. Following that conference, we may hold a couple of IWST workshops again.

Several of the above-mentioned people voiced an interest in keeping things going in 2006 (conference or not!). While Dana and I will not be organizing meetings any time soon, we are happy to help anyone else in the Indianapolis community organize a workshop if they want the help. We have the website (I'm happy to purchase the 2006 domain), a mailing list (which we will not share, but are willing to send emails to on your behalf), and Dana and I can help you find a location and facilitate. Just drop us a line and we'll be glad to help.

Thanks again!
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