"Regretfully, we don't know how to protect data even though we spend millions on it every year..."


That's what I have to say.

First paragraph:
We value the trust people place in |Company|. Regretfully, we have learned that a computer, which contained information about you including your name, address, Social Security Number from your |Company| inquiry or application on |Date|, is missing and may have been stolen. The computer had two layers of security, and we have no indication that the information has been accessed or misused.

First, how do you not know if it's stolen? The letter goes on to say it was lost while shipping. Shipping! It's digital information! Just FTP my account information! What the heck is my information doing on the back of a UPS truck?!?!

(To be fair, I don't know if it was UPS.)

Second, you're telling me it has two layers of security and that's going to make me feel better? So I'm supposed to think hacking a Windows password and bypassing your homegrown application security is going to be a problem? Give me a break!

Banks suck.