How to approach JUnit for unit testing

A while ago I answered the following question on’s Ask The Software Quality Expert: Questions & Answers.

I like JUnit from what I hear. I do not know how to use it. Please kindly advise me how to use it.

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Given that you asked specifically about JUnit, I would also recommend the JUnit documentation on SourceForge. A great example which walks you through specific tests (follow along in JUnit as you read it) is JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests. Once you've read a bit about it, the best way to learn is to start doing it. Just start. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

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Since writing that post, I've had the pleasure to hear Anthony Panozzo share his experience on getting started with Test Driven Development. While not a JUnit story, it's a wonderful read for someone just getting started and I'd add it to my list of references.