Choosing code coverage tools

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I am doing my project in test case privatization using Java. Which tool is the best one for finding code coverage? Which tool gives the intermediate results while finding code coverage?

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More important than the focus on tools, I'd recommend some articles on code coverage that might help make sure you're focusing on the right aspects:

  • Depending on your level of experience with code coverage, Steve Cornett's article Code Coverage Analysis can serve as a good primer for the topic. If you already know what you're looking at, skip that one and move on to the next couple of references.

  • Next, take a look at Andrew Glover's article In pursuit of code quality: Don't be fooled by the coverage report . It has some excellent examples and covers a lot of the early mistakes I made when first evaluating coverage tools.

  • Finally, no list on code coverage articles would be complete without Brian Marick's paper, How to Misuse Code Coverage (PDF). It's an essential read for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it provides more useful examples that might help you evaluate the tools you look at.

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