Performance Testing Taxonomies

I wanted to review some of the books I had on performance testing, so I decided to share some of the results here. Specifically, I was looking for some taxonomies related to performance bugs, tests, and risks:

  • Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications by Meier, Farre, Bansode, Barber, and Rea has an excellent chapter (Chapter 3) on performance test risks.

  • Testing Computer Software by Kaner, Falk, and Nguyen has an Outline of Common Software Errors (Appendix A) that has a couple of issues related to performance.

  • Testing Applications on the Web by Nguyen, Johnson, and Hackett has a chapter on performance testing (Chapter 19) which has some good lists. There's one on key factors that effect response time or performance, one on common hardware problems, one on common software problems, and a list for optimization considerations.

  • While it probably wasn't intended for this use, I found that Appendix E on HTTP Response Codes in The Web Testing Companion by Lydia Ash gave me a lot of performance testing ideas. Appendix H also had a short but useful list for Performance questions.

Overall, I flipped through 14 hardback books. That was the best list I could come up with (which depressed me a bit - perhaps I have the wrong books, but I don't think so). After that, I went online and I was able to find the following:

I be interested in knowing about some taxonomies I may have missed. I'm looking specifically for performance defects and/or risks, but I'm fairly good at transferring from material that's similar but not directly related.