Self-esteem and consultant's toolkits

I recently had to brush off my self-esteem toolkit, and I couldn't remember everything in it. I would normally turn to More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit for the details, but I never seem to be at home when I need to remember all of them. So, I figured I'd list them out here with some links.

The self-esteem toolkit comes from Virginia Satir. There's a good article describing it's elements here . The basic elements are:

  • The golden key

  • The detective hat

  • The courage stick

  • The wishing wand

  • The wisdom box

  • The yes-no medallion

  • The heart

In More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit, Weinberg adds the following:

  • The mirror

  • The telescope

  • The fish-eye lens

  • The gyroscope

  • The egg

  • The carabiner

  • The feather

  • The hourglass

  • The oxygen mask

He describes them all ever-so-briefly here . The mirror, telescope, and fish-eye lens all have to do with Satir's congruence model (self, other, context) which Rick Brenner shows some applications of here .