Cultivating the software tester/programmer relationship

A while ago I answered the following question on's Ask The Software Quality Expert: Questions & Answers .

I have a hard time getting our programmers to work closely with me. They have a low opinion of the value I can contribute to the project and have little respect for the value of testing in general. How can I get them to see that not all testers believe in just documentation and show them that I can help them write better software?

Here is a clip from my answer:

I have a game I play with programmers. I call it five bugs in five minutes. It's been I while since I've done it (you have to be sitting close to the people doing the programming), but I still get to play it every now and then.


It allows both of us to grow in a fun little competitive way. It certainly raises my status in their community. And most important, it gets them coming to me when they finish programming something, because they know I can help them write better software.

You can find the full posting here.

I also wrote about that game in the most recent issue of AST Update. You can find it here.