Qualities to look for in a software performance tester

A while ago I answered the following question on SearchSoftwareQuality.com’s Ask The Software Quality Expert: Questions & Answers.

Can you give me five or six bullet points for a performance tester and what we need to be looking for when hiring a new person?

Here is a clip from my answer:

  1. Can they test (analysis skills, techniques, planning, etc.)?

  2. Can they model (UCML, UML, various diagrams, concept modeling, etc.)?

  3. Do they know math (probability and statistics)?

  4. Do they know hardware, networks, and application servers (servers, routers, switches, JVMs, configurations, etc.) ?

  5. Do they know tools (HTTP Spy, Etherial, LoadRunner, Robot, RPT, OpenSTA, etc.) ?

  6. Can they code (not tool-code, but code-code)?

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