The shell game

In the past I've worked with a number of programmers who've hidden their bugs. What I mean by that is that they know they are there, don't fix them, don't put them in a tracking tool of any kind, and won't fix them unless a tester finds it and logs it. I've even worked with a guy who once said things like, "You've only found three of the seven bugs that I know of."

It was about a month into that job that I started wondering how many paper cuts from a post-it note someone could take before... oh never mind.

For some people, it's a shell game. I have a hard time understanding their logic. When I write code I don't like it when people find bugs in my code, but I don't hide it. I still want the feedback, even if I don't like it. I just can't understand that mindset.

When you find a developer who logs their own bugs, tells you where to look because they suspect they haven't found everything there is to find in a certain part of their code, or who helps you take a good bug and make it a great on (by exposing a more important issue) - thank them. For me, they make the job easier. They make me feel like it's a partnership, not a competition or a zero-sum game.