Software testing methodologies should match context

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I'm looking for multiple QA methodologies/methods from start to finish in software development. I need to make a recommendation on which methodology would work best for our environment. The approach to QA where testing is done at the end of the SDLC is flawed because critical decisions have been made and without input from the testers. Do know of a good resource for this information? Thank you.

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My current team uses session-based test management to manage our exploratory testing. We have to integrate that into Scrum using two-week sprints. We also have to manage large suites of regression tests, which to a great extent require us to work outside of the session-based test management chartering, testing, and debrief process. We also have to track and trace some of our work back to client-facing project plans, which requires some additional overhead and we've started to pull some V-Model elements in to help with managing that.

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