UX team of one...

Found this great presentation on How to be a UX Team Of One from the IA Summit 2008.

I liked this presentation for a couple of reasons. First, it's got great slides! As a sometimes presenter, and someone who sits through a lot of conference presentations, I loved the slide layouts. Engaging and original. If you present, watch this presentation with just the presentation style in mind.

Second, and more important, I think the content of this presentation also on target:

  • Early in the conversation, as Leah describes her story of how she came to adaptive path, she illustrates the same techniques we use as testers. For more on generative design, check out the following paper . There's a lot in there that transfers to test design.

  • The techniques she outlines for identifying the strongest ideas (along with her evite example) are fantastic. You'll see generate, refine, and roughing and overproduction, abandonment and recovery in practice. It also shows a great use of modeling the problem space. (Love the inspiration library as a recovery mechanism.)

  • Finally, this is just great information on design. As a tester, I suspect you have an opportunity to do some basic usability testing. This is great background information on user experience heuristics and design principles.