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Writing Better Charters

My webinar for Tips for Writing Better Charters for Exploratory Testing Sessions just posted to YouTube: 


I really enjoyed putting these slides together. I also received a bunch of questions I still need to follow up on. If you have any feedback, it's much appreciated. 


Session Based Test Management

This week I gave two talks on Session Based Test Management and Exploratory Testing at QUEST 2012. For one of the talks, I included a link to my current SBTM dashboard as a Google Doc. You can find the presentations here:

Exploratory Testing in the Enterprise

Session Based Test Management 

And if you're interested in checking out the dashboards, you can download a copy here: 

If that dashboard looks a bit familiar, that's because it's based on James Bach's Low Tech Testing Dashboard. I should also give a shout out to Ken Petty for laying down some of the formatting on the area tabs. Clearly there are other shout outs for the slides: Bach, Bach, Bolton, Kaner, Kohl, and an army of others... Both presentations contain a nice collection of references for additional reading at the end.