Working in groups vs. alone

Following up on yesterday's post on finding and protecting your most productive time, pay attention to who you're working with and how you're working with them. Take for example the following poll I found in Writers Digest magazine:
How do you do your best writing?
a. By working alone
b. By meeting regularly with a writing group
c. By participating in an online community
d. Through all of the social options above—and more

In the poll above, 85.7% of respondents said they do their best work alone. The other 14.3% said all the social options above. That resonates with my experiences as well (as a writer and as a tester).

I often think writing is a great metaphor for software development. In this particular case, it's spot on. We do a lot of work alone. We do a lot of work in meetings or with team members. And we use a lot of social media (IM, email, wiki's, project blogs, RSS, etc...).

I do my most productive work alone. While I appreciate the feedback that comes with working with others, I know I'm more productive when working alone.