Don't be a paperweight

Picture a boat anchor made out of stacks of paper.

That's what I call a paperweight - a tester who literally drags down projects because of the amout of paperwork they generate and/or require. They don't add value, they just add paper (digital or physical).

Dave Christiansen often talks about being an asset. Paperweights are on the opposite end of assets, they want you to do stuff for them. You need to provide them with information. You need to provide them with an environment. You need to provide them with test data. You need to clarify their requirements. You need to ...

A paperweight can't do, they can only ask...

It's been a while since I've encountered a paperweight. Recently, I've seen one in action. They are a visible drag on progress. They slow down the project, without adding value.

Don't do that.

Recognize that nothing about testing dictates that you need to be a drag on the project. That doesn't mean you can't ask for things. It doesn't mean you can't raise issues and risks when needed. But always always always do it from the position of being an asset to the project team. If you're doing that, trying to help move the project forward in the safest way possible, you'll have nothing to worry about.