Six hats for software testers - Yellow

This tip comes from Julian Harty, and is based on the work of Edward de Bono. Julian uses the metaphor of six thinking hat to provide six different and distinct viewpoints for software testers. When you wear your yellow hat, you are positive and speculative. What's the best possible outcome? What advantages to we have?

Yellow represents sunshine, optimism. The yellow hat challenges us to find benefits, and to see whether it’s possible to put an idea into practice. According to De Bono people sometimes struggle to recognize the benefits in their own ideas, so the group may need to help to nurture other people’s ideas when using the yellow hat.

The yellow hat is deliberately positive. It’s about actively seeking positive benefits. It may be very effective at shaping ideas spawned when using the green hat e.g. we use the yellow hat to answer the question: “Which of these creative ideas can we apply, and what would the benefits be?”

You can see Julian present the topic at STARWEST here.
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