Using tables and graphs

When using tables and graphs of data test, check the following generic formatting points before you submit your results for review:

  • Is it clear what data the table is showing? Does it have a clear caption?

  • Do all columns contain headers? Is it clear what the data in that column represents?

  • Are you showing enough significant digits in the data?

  • Do the units of measure line up? Are they consistent across columns/tables as appropriate?

  • Would the data be better shown as a graph? If there is a graph, is it clear that the data and graph are related?

  • Do the graphs use the same terminology and units as the data? If not, is that made clear somehow?

  • Does the graph contain too much data? Should it be broken out into multiple graphs to make it simpler to read or follow?

  • How big is the resulting file where you've stored your tables and graphs? Is it too big to share using your standard method of delivery for information of this type?