Using factors of 10 to change what we do

Sometimes we need to reframe our problems to devise better solutions, for instance when we're overloaded with work and need to take on new interests or responsibilities. I've found one useful technique is to use a 'power of 10' to help reassess my current approach. Here are some examples of how it works for me:

I imagine I'm now responsible for ten times the amount of work, with my current work limited to one tenth of my commitments, which allows me a maximum of 1/2 day per week for it. What are the most useful and important things I can do with my time to help and support my current project? Then I try to make sure that, from now on I do that work first each week. Of the remaining work, inherently it's less important so I try to pick the next most important tasks and do them next, etc. Eventually, say after 2 days per week I decide the rest of my old work is no longer useful so I don't do it. Now I have 3 days to take on new work, learn new skills, fix problems, etc.

Another use of powers of 10 is to imagine I have 10x the number of testers, machines, etc. - how would I use them to improve my testing? Generally I find I have a list of possible ideas with some idea of how much they'd help. Now I pick a few of these and implement them (possibly in the time I've freed up from the first example :)

Note: try using powers of 5 (to match one per day of the working week), 100 (e.g. test machines), etc. to help breakthrough your current mindset and challenges.