Discussing a possible project - page one

A little over a year ago I met with another tester in town to provide advice on performance testing. I recently found the notes from the meeting in an old notebook. In the five pages of handwritten notes, I documented my understanding of the problem and how I would approach the project. Take these notes for what they are - sketches over the course of an hour or two as I asked questions and clarified the project. However, I thought they would be interesting to share.

The first page was an interactive attempt to understand the problem.

Project Overview

To protect the company (who might not want to be identified) I won't provide more details than what's in the picture, but what I remember was that it emerged over a series of questions where I asked things like: "And that's connected to?", "And that gets its data from where?", and "That's not on here yet, where does it go?"