Know when to turn off the phone

It's nice to be in constant communication with people you care about. It's nice to know what's going on. It's nice to stay on top of email. It's nice that modern technology puts all of this in your pocket.

It's not nice if it detracts from your human-to-human communication. For example, if you're a manager talking to one of your testers, turn off your phone. Don't pick it up if it rings, don't check it if you get a text message. Let the person you're talking with know that they are more important than the phone.

It's also not nice if it detracts from your down time. Sometimes you need to be available - especially if your in a leadership position or on-call. But when you don't need to be plugged in, un-plug. Constant connection can sap your energy over time. You don't always have to un-plug, but don't be afraid to do it when it makes sense.