Periodically clean out the backlog

Defect databases get big quick. Even on a well coded, well run project, if the development team is firing on all pistons a backlog of possible issues, bugs, and feature requests will build up. Over time, tickets can get stale. They become less relavent, are fixed indirectly, or change in priority/severity. From time to time, get in there and clean em up!

This activity can be rewarding on multiple levels. First, if you just go in and clean our your personal backlog (the tickets in your queue), you get a better idea of the work that's really on your plate. This both reduces the burden you might feel (like when you have an empty inbox), and also helps you prioritize the work better. Second, if you clean up, update, or refresh all the tickets you've entered (possibly hitting other people's backlogs), you give that same small charge to the entire project team. If everyone does it regularly, the database of tickets remains clean and relavent.