Formating the report - page four

A little over a year ago I met with another tester in town to provide advice on performance testing. I recently found the notes from the meeting in an old notebook. In the five pages of handwritten notes, I documented my understanding of the problem and how I would approach the project. Take these notes for what they are - sketches over the course of an hour or two as I asked questions and clarified the project. However, I thought they would be interesting to share.

The fourth page was an attempt to illustrate how I would approach organizing my work and how to present results to the various stakeholders.

Laying out results

I tried to paint a picture of an Excel workbook with different worksheets detailing out various information about the project. We discussed a tab for key project information, a tab for an overview of the architecture, a tab for the usage model, and then some number of tabs for the actual test data, test results, and charts. As we talked, I tried to give an idea of where the information might come from and what it might look like.