Concurrent live and active sessions

When performance testing, a lot of time gets spent calibrating your tests. To do this effectively, you often have to calibrate using multiple methods. One method I use is to look at concurrent live and active sessions.

I happen to do a lot of web testing, so sessions can be a big deal. Looking at the number of concurrent live and active sessions generated by my load test and comparing that to the production environment can give me an idea of whether or not I've got the right number of users in the test at a given period of time or if I've got the right amount of user session abandonment.

For your application it might be important to recognize that different users might have different session sizes, abandonment rates, and time-out rates. You'll need to have some idea of what sessions might look like in production (both actual and forecasted). If your tool alows it, try to build in a way to programatically track and throttle these numbers as needed. It might save you a lot of time.