Is your testing process this clear?

In my opinion, one of the biggest success factors for a centralized testing organziation is a clear engagement model. One that starts with new project intake and ends with project closeout, follow-up, and portfolio management. I've tried to tackle this problem at two different organizations, and at each one I struggled to get clear and easy to follow definition around what we did.

Take a look at how HUGE laid out their process. I understand that it's marketing material, so it's obviously going to be pretty, but look past that. They lay out seven clear phases for engagement. Each phase has a summary of the steps that will be undertaken in that phase.

If you're centralized group offers products and services, imagine that your products and services are listed next to those phases. Those are the various products and services teams could expect during each phase. I find it to be a very simple visualization for what your organization might offer to project teams.