Tie performance to business goals

Following up on the performance pitch post, here are some tips for helping get your technology team talking in the language of your business team:

  • Take the time to define both top-line and bottom-line application business metrics

  • Work to prioritize that list of metrics to better understand what’s most important (creating tiers can help)

  • Identify what processes and transactions will affect those key metrics

When the team finds a possible performance issue later on, they can then translate what might otherwise be a generic metric (we're X seconds slower on transaction Y) into something that has meaning to the business (given that we're X seconds slower on transaction Y, we expect abandonment to go up Z%).

Defining those metrics, prioritizing them, and tying those to transactions doesn't necessarily need to be complicated. For some applications it will be. But for most applications I've tested, I suspect we could have done this over a couple one-hour workshops using Excel. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.