Folder Structure Template Document (XMind Mindmap)

Many times while documenting folder structure I used to take a screenshot of a tree in MS Explorer and put it to the document along with some written descriptions.

There were drawbacks, but it was acceptable as "quick and dirty". Now, with a mind mapping tool, like XMind, we can finally make it "quick, nice, maintainable, and interactive".

And here's why.

  1. You can quickly and easily customize appearance (size, font, shape, color) of each topic

  2. You can insert images into topics to further improve visual presentation (2 clicks job)

  3. For every topic, representing a folder, you can provide that many additional details:

    • short description as a Label

    • long description as a Note

    • attached documents

    • Hyperlink to a physical folder

    • sub-structure as a Floating Topic

    • Relationship to another Topic

  4. With a free version, you can export as an image or html document; with a Pro version you can export to PDF or Word

  5. And all of that with a quick and convenient visual drag-n-drop interface

The image below is linked to the downloadable *.xmt template on web-site. A generic Automated Testing Suite folder structure was taken as a sample.

XMind mindmap - folder structure template document XMind mindmap - folder structure template document