Found a cool tool today called Website Grader. Website Grader by HubSpot is an SEO tool that helps you diagnose how well your website doing in terms of SEO, social media, and traffic.

I ran Website Grader for QTT...
Quick Testing Tips

Some interesting notes from the analysis report:

  • The blog scored low due to a low volume of incoming traffic (links, tweets, etc...).

  • The readability level is "Primary / Elementary School". That's exactly where we want it.

  • We are missing metadata. (I should probably add that...)

  • Interior pages are missing descriptions as well. (Who the heck is the admin for this site? Oh wait....)

  • I learned something really interesting about domain expiration. (I had no idea.)

expiredomain(click for full image)

All said and done, a very helpful little tool. I ended up running a couple other websites I have as well. Needless to say, the feedback was consistent. I make all the same mistakes with each site. Guess I need to renew some domains and update some metadata this weekend.