Surplus is an asset

Today's tip comes from Peter Kartashov's article in his AT4QA blog.
One day, our team was not ready to run on time full regression tests against fresh build because of recent changes in DOM tree for many objects. We were in need to invent something robust, not silent and not verbose; this mechanism should report something into logs when a control was not found directly but it should attempt to recognize that control using set of provided properties.

After a short experience report on maintenance problems caused by large volume of automation scripts and complexity of GUI DOM tree, Peter provides analysis of downsides of default GUI recognition logic, and shares solution example - as the functional diagram and code snippet.

In the nutshell, the idea is brilliantly simple: supplying more than a minimal set of object recognition properties greatly improves automation scripts' robustness and enables automatic cross-checking between object's location and object's properties.
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