Leverage audio and video recording tools for bug reporting

In the past, we've shared a couple of tools for capturing desktop audio and video. In this post, we wanted to reinforce the idea of using audio and video recording tools for bug reporting. Instead of just submitting the steps to reproduce and a couple screenshots, try including a verbal description and show the bug or issue in action if that's possible. This often removes any ambiguity, and it can sometimes provide details to the development team that you may not have thought to mention (like the browser being used, or the screen resolution, etc).
This tip was part of a brainstorm developed at the September 2011 Indianapolis Workshop on Software Testing on the topic of "Documenting for Testing." The attendees of that workshop (and participants in the brainstorm) included: Charlie Audritsh, Scott Barber, Rick Grey, Michael Kelly, Natalie Mego, Charles Penn, Margie Weaver, and Tina Zaza.