Review: VBScript vs. JScript

This is the review I stumbled upon. Not a fresh news, but all up to date, brought carefully in one place. The fragment is quoted below.
VBScript and JScript are extremely lightweight ActiveX Scripting languages. ActiveX Scripting Engines may be used in a variety of Microsoft environments: Windows Scripting Host, HyperText Applications, HyperText Components and scripting for Internet Explorer, and classic Active Server Pages. There are other ActiveX Scripting languages, such as ActivePerl and ActivePython, but these tend to be complete languages in contrast to the minimal logic layer that VBScript and JScript provide. In fact, VBS/JS must use ActiveX/COM components to accomplish anything other than trivial tasks. This optimization results in some noteworthy shortcomings in both languages.

VBScript Strengths

  • The De Facto Standard

  • By Reference Parameters

  • Formatting Functions

  • Data Conversion

  • Date/Time Support

  • Built-In Iterator Support

  • Constants

  • "With" Blocks