Leverage required fields for key information

Following up on yesterday's tip on leveraging integrated tools, another aspect to keep in mind when you look at information moving "across tools" from one team to another, is to make sure key information is captured by required fields.

That comes with the caution to be careful of going to far. Don't make every field required. Then people will just end up using copy paste and you'll start to see redundant and nonsensical data. A better approach is to get that dataset as small as possible, and reduce the burden on moving info from one team to another.

This tip was part of a brainstorm developed at the September 2011 Indianapolis Workshop on Software Testing on the topic of "Documenting for Testing." The attendees of that workshop (and participants in the brainstorm) included: Charlie Audritsh, Scott Barber, Rick Grey, Michael Kelly, Natalie Mego, Charles Penn, Margie Weaver, and Tina Zaza.