IWST 2007

We have posted the schedule for the 2007 Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing.

About IWST
The Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing (IWST) are an ongoing series of no-cost workshops for experienced software testers and related professionals. IWST strives to builds skills in software testing and allows people who are interested in topics in software testing to network with their peers. The emphasis is on mutual learning, sharing hands-on experiences and solving practical problems. In these meetings, experienced working practitioners discuss pertinent state-of-the-art topics. IWST has been organized by a small team of local practitioners in the field of software testing.

We have a slight change in format for 2007. We are going to run 6 workshops and 6 lessons learned roundtables, alternating every other month. Workshops will be held on Saturdays and will run for five hours with regular breaks for networking and refreshments. Roundtables will be held on Tuesdays and will run for three hours (or until the energy runs out of the room) with two breaks for networking and refreshments.

Workshop Format
Each workshop is limited to 15 to 20 people. Each meeting will have a facilitator who manages discussion and presentation questions. Each meeting will have a content owner who determines the topic and the speakers for that topic. These two roles will serve to guide the discussion and format, but it is the attendees who ultimately determine what we focus on and what it interesting to them.

Each workshop will focus on one topic in software testing. We will try to select a topic that is narrow enough in scope that we can reasonably cover it in the limited amount of time we have. In the month following the workshop, there will be a lessons learned roundtable where we invite the workshop attendees back to talk about how they applied what they learned (see the details on the roundtables below). In the weeks/months following the workshop session, more discussion can take place on the topic via the IWST mailing list and discussion forum.

We limit the size of each IWST workshop to between 15 and 20 seats based on the facility and the demand. There is no fee to attend this workshop. Presentations are typically on advanced topics in software testing or on topics that we feel need to be discussed in the Indianapolis area. We strive to give every serious inquirer a fair chance to attend at least one of the year's workshops and we encourage newcomers who have a passion for the field to attend.

Roundtable Format
The roundtables are completely open. Anyone can attend. Each roundtable will have a facilitator who manages discussion and a content owner who manages the focus of the content. These two roles will serve to guide the discussion; they will not be as restrictive as the actual workshops. It is the attendees who ultimately determine what we focus on and what is interesting to them.

The roundtables are intended to serve two main functions. First, it gives us an opportunity to open IWST to more people. The workshops are limited in size to facilitate a particular style of participation. The roundtables are open to allow more people to get involved in what IWST is trying to accomplish. Second, we will invite the participants from the prior month's workshop (on the same topic) back to discuss how they applied what they learned on the topic.

More information on how to attend on the website.
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