More on experts

To build on the idea of effortful study, I found the following in this month's FastCompany in the article The Expert on Experts: An expert guide to expertise by Christopher Percy Collier.

Some excerpts of an interview with K. Anders Ericsson, Professor of Psychology, Florida State University:

"With the exception of some sports, no characteristic of the brain or body constrains an individual from reaching an expert level."

"Elite performers engage in what we call 'deliberate practice'--an effortful activity designed to improve individual target performance. There has to be some way they're innovating in the way they do things."

"In general, elite performers utilize some technique that typically isn't well known or widely practiced."

"You have to seek out situations where you get feedback."

The article references The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. Amazon has indicated that it would be happy to ship said book to my house. It's big, so give me time for a full report.