Windows command line tools

From Lesson 2 - Basic commands in Linux and Windows I learned three cool new Windows tools I didn't know about.

tracert host
Show the route that packets follow to reach the machine "host". The command tracert is the abbreviation of trace route, which allows you to learn the route that a packet follows from the origin, (your machine) to the destination machine. It can also tell you the time it takes to make each jump. At the most, 30 jumps will be listed. It is sometimes interesting to observe the names of the machines through which the packets travel.

route print
Display the routing table. The command route serves to define static routes, to erase routes or simply to see the state of the routes.

Displays information on the status of the network and established connections with remote machines.

When I tried "tracert" I got over 30 hops. had 21 (it was twice as fast as mine - darn hosting company) and had 14 hops (twice as fast as PerfTestPlus).

My next step is to figure out how to actually use this information. All with time. This at least gives me a place to start.