Is there a problem here?

Ok testing fans, here's an experiment. James and I did some audio and video last time we were together and I'm just getting around to posting some of it. For the most part, it's me being a practice dummy as James schools me in software testing.

I have created a Media page on my website. But fear not, I'll end up posting all new content here as well when I upload a file.

Follow this link to download Is there a problem here?.

Participants: James Bach and Michael Kelly
Format: Video with audio
Run time: Just under six minutes

Dealing with frustration. Tips for how to take the legs out of any line of attack that is looking at the correctness of a feature. Instead of looking for correctness, look for the existence of a problem. Accept the fact that there might be a bug you're not going to find.

What might help me see a problem:
1) When you see an object, ask "Do I recognize that?"
2) If it's not what I thought it was, ask "Is it a problem?"

- Intuition
- Consistency heuristics

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