Modeling for boundaries

A while ago I posted on some thoughts on boundary testing from WHET #4. In that post, I said the following:
James Bach challenged me to come up with three specific examples and to tell him how they are boundaries. With that, I pulled out my moleskin and drew three different models: a UCML model, a system diagram, and the model I used to test the time-clock application.

I quickly came up with a list of 16 factors based on those three models. It became apparent to me that only 5 of those sixteen factors was a boundary. So much for that definition.

Thanks to Shrini Kulkarni I'm finally getting around to uploading the diagrams from my notebook. Shrini has been very patient and has reminded me more then once. It's nice to have a gentle reminder every now and then....

Here are four pages from my notes at WHET:



If you can't tell, drawing helps me think. About half my notebooks are pictures. In the pages above I drew a small clip of UCML, a simple diagram of a web service from a past client (I had to scrub some application names, I apologize), and a bit of what I remembered from when James had me test the time-clock application. I included some of my ramblings as I tried to work through some of the questions I had for myself.

Shrini, I hope that helps...

Side note: The book reference in the notes should really read "How Should We Then Live?" by Francis A. Schaeffer. I can't remember who recommended it, but it seemed worth writing down. That's my kind of reading.