One page test plan - contents

In yesterday's post I outlined when I use a one page test plan. In this post, we look at the contents of a simple test plan.

For most small releases, I have three big concerns:

  • new functionality (what did we build for this release)

  • old functionality (did we break what use to work by introducing new functionality)

  • other quality criteria (as appropriate for the release - performance, security, usability, etc...)

For each of those areas, I'm interesting in the following areas of coverage:

  • specific tickets (stories, feature requests, bugs, etc... in the release)

  • general areas of functionality (either business facing or technology facing)

Ideally, for each area or ticket listed for each type of testing, there will be a brief description of the testing testing taking place along with a link to where I can find the details about the actual tests (a link into a test case management tool, a Google doc, etc...). Something that tells me at a high level what's going on and where I can find the details if I want them.