Simple status dashboard

For the last year or so I've been using a simple status dashboard to coordinate testing for releases. I find an easy way to share the dashboard is to use a spreadsheet Google doc. Using a Google doc makes it easy for everyone to make updates and see updates as they happen.

Here are the columns I'm currently tracking:

  • Client

  • Release Number

  • Code Complete Date

  • First Pass Test Complete Date

  • CM Review Date

  • Regression Test Complete Date

  • UAT Date

  • Production Date

  • Development Status

  • Test Status

  • Testing Lead

  • Deployment Ticket Number

  • Scope Summary

It looks like a lot, but it all fits on one screen (no scrolling needed) and each row in the spreadsheet represents a separate release. If a date is in the past, the cell is colored red. If it's today, it's colored yellow. And if it's done, it's colored green. With one quick glance, you get a high-level view of all the releases and their current statuses.