Test Tools don't have to be just for testing

Testers have a plethora of tools which are used in testing and not just the big fancy expensive tools either, but the small and often innovative ones too, such as the "Hoffman Box".

Sometimes though tester's find innovative ways of using test tools in the 'real' world.

One company I know of, had a migration exercise that due to regulatory reasons could not be performed through importing and exporting data. It looked as if they were faced with an enormous manual operation, where operators were going to have to manually input the data into the new system.

Until a test manager suggested that Quick Test Pro be used to automate the exercise.  He suggested creating scripts to simulate the operator and the data entry tasks to be performed. 

When the scripts ran, they had a group of testers on hand in case of failure, but no way was the team as extensive as originally planned.

Perhaps there are test tools are in your toolbox that users and operators would find helpful?