Alternating technology

I've noticed a pattern I have when it comes to tracking what I need to get done. I alternate technology, and I think I know why. First, here's the pattern:

  • for a couple of weeks, I create small simple project plans for everything (OmniPlan, MS Project, Basecamp, a Google spreadsheet, whatever)

  • then for a couple of weeks, I'll use my inbox as my to-do list

  • then for a couple of weeks, I'll use pen and paper (post-its, notepads, whatever)

I just keep rotating through these three different methods of tracking work. I think I do it because after a period of a couple of weeks, I stop paying attention to whatever method I'm currently using. For example:

  • If my desk is covered with post-it notes, I ignore them. If there's only a couple, I'll do what needs to be done to throw them away.

  • If my inbox has five items, I'll clear it. If there's 80 emails, what's ten more?

You see the pattern. I think this is ok, and it's a pattern that apparently works for me - stuff gets done.

If you find you're ignoring your current method of tracking what needs to get done, try switching it up a bit and see what happens.
Time SaversMichael Kelly