Adding Credibility to Usability Testing

A credible Usability Testing Report backs up its opinions with concrete fact and relevant data. That’s why when you are performing Usability User sessions it’s important to make sure the test scenarios that you create elicit the most relevant data possible. Remember, once your users have performed this test, they are in a way tainted and performing a repeat session will require a new set of users.

It’s a real art to be able to write clear concise and helpful tests that will provide you with such data. It involves asking the right questions in the right order, and being able to frame those questions in such a way that ensures more than just a yes/no answer.

Fortunately Dennis J Gertz has 8 tips to designing good tests that will help you on your way.

I like the fact that he recommends testing the tests first before starting Usability sessions. That way you can refine and remove any part of the tests that are either too long or don’t return any useful data.  As he writes “It's no fun to find out, at a late stage in your project, that you've gathered no useful information”
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