Changing the testing culture in your organization

Many of you may have already watched the Google video about testing on the toilet, so forgive me if I bore you, but I truly found this video inspirational.

Its a story on changing the testing culture within an organization.

The key points that struck me where:

  • The testers had a high profile stakeholder who championed and explored their cause.

  • They didn't try to sell testing themselves, they looked for volunteers from all over organization to come up with ideas to change the culture

  • They didn't try to apply a 'one approach fix all' to all groups. Instead new staff were trained up during orientation, and existing staff were trained through free talks

  • When one approach didn't work, they changed it and tried something different. They never gave up.

There is much more in this entertaining video here's link to watch it yourself. Its about 3o mins in length.