Questions to help figure out what to test, question 2

On many projects, you aren't the subject matter expert and you don't write the code. In those cases it can be helpful to talk with the subject matter experts and programmers to better understand the subtleties of the software. I often find it helpful to get them to help me design different types of tests. To help pull out the information I need, I use questions.

One question is "Are there things that you don't have time to test that you wish you did?" Here you're searching for specific things they might be worried about with the implementation. It's another question focused on understanding risk (see yesterday's post)." With this question you'll likely hear about issues related to the software being developed, the technology being used, the environment, or possibly even the methodology being used and how issues related to how the work is being done are manifesting in the code or team.

Based on how they answer, you might come up with a lot more questions on that theme.