Questions to help figure out what to test, question 3

On many projects, you aren't the subject matter expert and you don't write the code. In those cases it can be helpful to talk with the subject matter experts and programmers to better understand the subtleties of the software. I often find it helpful to get them to help me design different types of tests. To help pull out the information I need, I use questions.

One question is "Can you walk me through how you design your test cases?" You should listen for what documents they look at, what data they reference, and who they talk to. By understanding the inputs they use to design their test cases, you can better inform your own test case design process. I also try to listen for techniques they use (or don't use) and if possible might even try to review some of their tests. Not only am I interested in how they design their tests, but I'm also interested in making sure I understand what type of tests they will be running. I may or may not what to duplicate those efforts, but in either cases it helps me understand where I might be able to best augment the testing they will be doing.

Based on how they answer, you might come up with a lot more questions on that theme.