Baseball cards and software testers

I remember sitting at a baseball game once with Rob Sabourin. It was a few weeks before he would be giving his talk on "What Baseball Taught Me about Metrics." He of course, was excited to talk about his thoughts on the subject, seeing as we were at a ball game and the material was fresh in his mind. He asked me, if software testers had baseball trading cards, what stats would be on the back of them?

I love that question. I think it's particularly telling of how an individual thinks about what stats make someone valuable as a tester. It's also challenging, because there are a lot of valuable things testers do that you can't easily put stats on.

Take two minutes and think about it. If you're particularly brave, respond to this post in a comment on what stats you might find interesting. If more than five people respond, I'll respond with my answer. If ten people respond, I'll even try to get the other three authors to respond with their answers. If twenty people respond, I'll email Rob Sab and try to get him to post a comment or two as well.