Today's tip comes via Tim Koopmans. Tim recently posted on landing page load time and how tools like BrowserMob can help. Based on his post, I went over and took a look at BrowserMob and ran a couple of tests on my personal website. There were a couple of interesting things I found in the free tool they provide:

  • They provide test results from four locations: Washington DC, Dublin, San Fransisco, and Dallas.

  • They provide historical results across test runs: test_history

  • They provide a detailed breakdown of load times by object, by download site: detailedresultsbysite

Based on these detailed results, I was even able to find out that I have a couple of 404's showing up in my current WordPress theme. I rather like the simple interface, and I find tools like this can be quite helpful when taking an initial look at a site's load time and where that time is going.