Excel-based Test Reports (2)

Continuing the previous tip, I provide sample MS Word document template you may use for bug reporting. What does it have to do with Excel?

- You can use a single Excel document as a "one-stop-shop" container for the bug reports. And this is the idea of today's tip.


By following a simple one-time setup procedure you can embed the document template into your Excel report.

  • Select the cell you want to contain the attached document(in the example that's an "Attached Documents" cell).

  • In the Excel's Main Menu, select "Insert / Object".

  • In the "Object" dialog, select "Create from File" tab.

  • Keep "Link to File" option unchecked.

  • Click "Browse", select the document in "Browse" dialog, and click "Insert".

  • Click "OK" to embed the document.

Afterwards, you can create new copies of a template within the Excel report document as simple as "select template cell - Ctrl-C - select destination cell - Ctrl-V".
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