Excel-based Test Reports (1)

Today's tip is for those testers who use standalone Excel-based reports.


The picture above represents a typical "Summary" tab enlisting reported issues, status, short description, etc. Detailed descriptions along with the images are usually stored on a separate tab.


Now what you can quickly and easily do is to connect 2 data rows from separate tabs with a hyperlink.

  • Select the cell you want to use as a navigation control (in the example that's an "Issue #" cell).

  • In the Excel's Main Menu, select "Insert / Hyperlink".

  • In the "Edit Hyperlink" dialog, select "Place in This Document" tab.

  • Select target tab name (in the example that's "Screenprints" tab).

  • Type in the cell reference (in the example that's "A3").

  • Click "OK" to save settings.

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